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Confessions of a Cheongster #2: No Sleep Till Danok (part 1)

This guy became a Danok sex-addict after meeting the right/wrong girl…


SSPCA Urges Public Not To Panic About The Recent Rabies Outbreak After Widespread Poisoning Of Strays

All dogs go to heaven, but don’t accelerate their journey there.


Phoenix: Still Blazing Bright After All These Years

Thomas Mars answers the important questions in life.


Baby Driver Is An Epic Music Video-Movie Hybrid

Fun and funky fresh, this is the one movie you need to see this year.


An All Vintage Flea Market Called ITCHY is Happening This Weekend

Sat, 22nd Jul '17 - Sun, 23rd Jul '17

2pm - 10pm

Shuang Xi

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In the End, It Matters

Rathika Sheila recounts the hope Chester Bennington and Linkin Park gave her as a bullied child.


This Interactive Periodic Table Helps You in Everyday Life

Wanna be like Walter White? Start with the basics fam.


Fuze is Giving You a Big Party Favor on 27 July

Thu, 27th Jul '17


Fuze Club KL


10 Signs You’re Dating A Softboy

Beware the most dangerous breed of fucboi.